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Save money and our environment, one drop at a time

With our growing population in New Zealand we are facing the need for more investment and efficiency in water infrastructure.

The Raindrops system provides a low cost solution for harvesting the rain that falls on your roof.

The Raindrops system is comprised of an underfloor water tank known as a "Bladder tank" which is then filled by your downpipes when it rains. It is connected to a pump that supplies your rainwater to specific outlets in your house.

This rain water collection system aids in saving both money and our environment, one drop at a time.

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Raindrops Rain Harvesting - How does it work?

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Essentially it is a water collection system that involves the use of underfloor bladder tanks.

  1. Water is collected and saved by connecting all the downpipes together at their lowest point, normally being where they currently feed into the Council’s storm water system or a sump (soak hole).

  2. The water runs into a Raindrops rainwater tank (PVC or rubber bladder type tank 2.3 metres wide, 5.9 metres long and 600mm high when full) and any overflow runs back into the original outlet (storm water or soak hole).

  3. The tank is connected to a Grundfos pump (Model - JP Rain 3) which includes a Grundfos PM Rain device which enables the pump to switch over to mains water automatically when the tank runs dry.

  4. The pump then feeds outlets in the home which are not used for, and not potentially used for, drinking water.

The basic rain catchment system is a non-drinking (ie non-filtered) system and supplies rainwater to your toilet, washing machine, and garden tap.


We look after the whole process from purchase to installation.

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The benefits of water harvesting

Rain harvesting is the way of the future – why not catch and use rainwater directly and avoid the increasing demand on council storm water and mains water systems?

We need to start thinking about rainwater collection ourselves!

"Raindrops water sustainability system has the potential to reduce household water use by approximately 50%"

The Raindrops system is unique for two reasons:


1. It is a total complete solution meaning you don’t have to buy the components separately, arrange the installation etc … altogether increasing the cost and the risk that you don’t get it right!

2. We make our own PVC (rubber) bladder tanks in New Zealand (not imported other than the basic fabric) and they are perfect and cost effective for retrofitting under villa and bungalow floors (ie out of sight) or for new concrete slab homes under the deck if you have one.

Raindrops water tanks allow you to SAVE water and SAVE money, as well as contribute to environmental sustainability.

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We have our own team of contract installers and at the conclusion of the installation, our installer will provide a certificate of installation signed by a certified plumber.

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Key Parts of the System


Reinforced PVC membrane tank, dimensions 2.26m x 5.92m (600mm high when full) and capacity of 6,000 litres

Steel frame (front plate)

Downpipe System

Marley RP80 80mm Round Downpipe Sysyem - Brochure

Marley Leafslide - Brochure


Pressure pump

Auto mains switch device

House Connections

RX Plastics tank connection fittings - Brochure

Philmac Pump & Water mains compression fittings - Brochure

SecuraGold Bathroom & Laundry connection fittings - Brochure

Marley Optim rainwater drainage system - Brochure

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Dux Securagold Logo
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How much does it cost and what does it include?

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This includes the tank, the pump, the auto mains device, the downpipe connections, leaf guards but does not include the cost of installation of the system.


Water tank


NZ made ”pillow case” or ”bladder” tank using high quality reinforced polyester fabric imported from the USA. The tank is made using a heat seaming process and then pressure tested to ensure water tightness. Although the Raindrops tank is a new product, our manufacturing process uses equipment and resources that have a proven track record over many years in water containment in commercial and industrial applications.

Philmax Rxp Fittings

Philmac/RXP fittings and pipe

Philmac and RX Plastics tank and compression fittings are used to create secure connections between Raindrops system components. Designed to last in excess of 50 years, it is an essential component of the Raindrops system.

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Marley Leafside

Marley Leafside

The Marley Leafslide® is a debris diverter and water filter that connects to your existing downpipe system to prevent debris from entering the Raindrops system. This is an essential component to reduce maintenance requirements and ensures the optimal performance of the Raindrops system.

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Grundfos PM Rain

Grundfos is a world leading manufacturer of pumps for use in and around the home. Raindrops partners with Grundfos due to its pump products' reputation for reliability and energy efficiency.

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Marley Optim Plumbing System

Marley Optim is the premium PVC plumbing stormwater and drainage system used to carry water from the downpipes to the Raindrops. Designed to last in excess of 50 years, it is an essential component of the Raindrops system.

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Dux Securagold

Dux SecuraGold

Dux SecuraGold is the premium polybutene hot and cold water plumbing system used to carry water from the Raindrops bladder to your bathroom and laundry fittings. Designed to last in excess of 50 years, it is an essential component of the Raindrops system.

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